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Looking for Shark Teeth on Topsail

Many experts have many great tips on how to find Sharks Teeth and Topsail Island is a Tooth Capital of the East Coast for sure! 

Here are four simple tips to get started!


2) Slowly does it. Find patches of "gravelly sand" and look for black and shiny triangles...if you can snap what looks like a "huge tooth" with your fingers, it is likely a seashell...NOT a tooth :-)

3) Be patient. Once you know what to look for and find a few, you will be hooked, and it will be easier! DO NOT BE SHY....if you see someone else looking, ask them "can show me how to do it" or just ask for thing is for sure, Shark Tooth Hunters LUUUURRRVVVVVV to talk about what they just found and to help others (as well as show off)

4) If you are stuck...or shy...or have a child that is striking out and not finding anything and getting all weepy and stuff....just ask at the office and I will happily, happily, happily put down the paperwork and go for a quick walk on the beach and give you a few tips (I also have a good supply jar of "last day last resort shark teeth "finders") so no one goes home empty handed! 

Shark Tooth Quick ID Guide

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